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From "Hari Kodungallur" <>
Subject Re: Emailing Build results
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 21:06:32 GMT
May be you can use the <trycatch>/<try>/<catch> tasks that are 
provided by ant-contrib. That way you can catch any build errors 
and continue (in your case send email using <mail> task when you 
catch build errors)


On Wed, 05 Mar 2003 Alexei Betin wrote :
>what are reasonable options for emailing nightly Build results?
>MailLogger seems to have no way to attach the build log
>or use properties in Subject,
>also I am already using NoBannerLogger - which leaves no place
>for MailLogger...
><mail> task cannot help me, because if I put it at the end
>of my build script, and the build fails, it'll never get to
>execute it.
>Is there a way to ensure a task is always called at the end?
>maybe using different build files with <ant> or <antcall>?
><parallel> would not help me here because it can only
>wrap tasks and not targets...
>Finally, I understand I can write my own Logger,
>but for a couple of reasons I don't want to - I would
>rather prefer to get the job done by some batch file,
>but I wonder if I am missing a nice pure-Ant solution
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