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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Emailing Build results
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 21:19:57 GMT
On Tuesday, March 4, 2003, at 04:00  PM, Alexei Betin wrote:
> what are reasonable options for emailing nightly Build results?
> MailLogger seems to have no way to attach the build log
> or use properties in Subject,

Actually you can use properties in the subject.  You can define the 
properties within your build file using:

	<property name="..." value="..."/>

syntax and define them dynamically.  The mandatory ones just need to be 
set before the build completes.

> also I am already using NoBannerLogger - which leaves no place
> for MailLogger...

Well, here we get to the evilness of inheritance.

> Finally, I understand I can write my own Logger,
> but for a couple of reasons I don't want to - I would
> rather prefer to get the job done by some batch file,
> but I wonder if I am missing a nice pure-Ant solution

A couple of reasons, huh?  It'd be trivial to write your own logger and 
use it.  Just copy MailLogger and do your own thing by mixing in what 
NoBannerLogger does.  Life would be so much easier if you just wrote a 
simple class, compiled it, built it into a JAR and then dropped it into 
ANT_HOME/lib and you could forget about it from then on out.


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