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From "Shawn" <>
Subject Re: jar zip custom task question
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 06:53:43 GMT
Correction, I do now use Sun's jar utility but need to have Kddi's jar in
the classpath and request my jar to have a .kjx extension.


Any tips on how I could jar via ant.

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I am trying to build a midp application via Ant and need suggestions on how
to jar it.

It seems like Ant's zip and jar classes are an alternative to and do not
make use of Sun's jar utility?  Is that correct?

The reason I ask is that, I need to use a certain utility (From KDDI) to do
that which adds some extentions for a Japanese mobile phone.

Within Jar's constructor I noticed  archiveType = "jar"; and could set that
to Kddi's extention(kjx) but can't find where I could swap Kddi's jar
utility (kjx.jar) for Sun's utility.  It seems like there isn't a place to
do that and Ant's zip and jar classes are an alternative method that don't
make use of Sun's utility.

If not, where is that utility set.

If so, could anyone suggest how to jar files in Ant using Sun's utility (I
could then switch to kjx).



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