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From "John Guthrie" <>
Subject Re: taskdef classpath oddity
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:45:24 GMT
> > i am running a task i created. the target looks something like:
> >
> > <target name="doit">
> >    <taskdef name="doit" classname="some.package.DoitTask"
> > classpathref="task.classpath"/>
> >    <doit/>
> > </target>
> Try adding the deprecated attribute "reverseloader='true'" to
> your taskdef statements and see if that helps.
> If it does help, then you get to decide whether living in sin with an
> attribute that tells the Ant classloader to operate in an anti-social
> way is worthwhile for your purposes.
> The root of the issue is that the Ant class loader will defer to the
> system class loader unless you give the "reverseloader" attribute. Thus
> if your taskdef class *is* on the system classpath, but something it
> uses is not, then you have this problem.

that did indeed "fix" it. i am still confused though, as to why having the
class jarred up and referencing that is "bad" while having it all unjarred
into a directory and pointing to that directory is okay.


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