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From "John Guthrie" <>
Subject taskdef classpath oddity
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:03:45 GMT
i am running a task i created. the target looks something like:

<target name="doit">
   <taskdef name="doit" classname="some.package.DoitTask"

the odd thing i am seeing is that when my task.classpath references a
jarfile that contains, among other things some/package/DoitTask.class i get
a "taskdef class some.package.DoitTask cannot be found", but when i point my
task.classpath to a directory that contains some/package/DoitTask.class it
works just fine. i've stuck a <pathconvert> and an <echo> before the
<taskdef> to make sure my jarfile is listed, and it is, so i am baffled as
to why ant cannot find the task (i sure can!)

any and all advice welcome. thanks


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