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From "Ilja Preuss" <>
Subject AW: anthill vs. cruisecontrol
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 08:28:46 GMT
> who of you is doing continues integration?

We are doing it more or less - based on personal preference. Personally,
I like to integrate several times a day; sometimes several times an

> where are the 
> limits of it? e.g a build takes 30 minutes, so makes it sense 
> to integrate every time someone (of maybe 30 developers) 
> checks something in. wouldnt that cause that every 30 minutes 
> a build runs and everyone gets a e-mail (failed/ok), thats 
> makes him bored about the buildmails... or is it possible to 
> just inform the developer thats class made the build fail?

Cruise Control (Anthill too, I suppose) only informs those developers
who changed something since the last successfull build. And certainly
all those *need* to be informed. In fact, I don't feel good when I don't
get the cruise control email telling me that everything still works fine
a short time after check-in.

In my experience, the only limit is build time - it needs to be short.
In fact, the more developers are working on a project, the shorter it
needs to be (to reduce conflicts). So you need to partition big projects
- well, you need to do this anyway...

Did that help?


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