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From "Info" <>
Subject ANT: KJS#00004 Appendix_E (BookMarks) (20030311)
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 00:14:01 GMT
In the Manning & Sams books and onLine, I have not found an equivalent to
the 'c' exit(nbr) and the batch "if errorlevel" (as appropriate for an OS) -
at least that I recognize.  A page number in the books would work.  I am
very aware of try/catch/... type of processing and can control graceful
termination or continuation - this is not what I need.  I need the
capability at the system level for ANT-use to be able to make equivalent
decisions that we currently have in place using exit(nbr).  Would prefer the
suggestion as a vanilla part of ANT rather than using a plug-in that may be
a more sophisticated version of the interim-'c'/assembler/Java/ANT munge
that gets the job done but is really scary!  Said another way, we could have
from 0 to 255 possible processing-outcomes that need to launch the next
processing step and not as a Java thread (we have more than enough of those
dealing with the outliars and processing leverage-points)!  We have found
our winGate systems run out of resources if the code is written the way it
should be - hence the reason we are doing this in a step'd-wise way.

Now all that said, give me your best shot.  Maybe you have something that is
ANT-better?  It just has to fit on the winGate systems!

jimS (

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