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From "Info" <>
Subject Re: Dropping JDK 1.1 support
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:33:51 GMT
3. Stick to JDK 1.1 support for now.

We continue to use 1.1.8 for support of clients with older platforms (233mHz
and below) and OS like win3.x (hey, it's good money and there are a lot of
customers!).  ANT is really not essential since the 1.x Java environment was
mostly applets (very little swing) and there is little or no need for ANT
supporting tools as we see it since JSP, ASP, etc. are not necessary in
these instances!  We do find that the compile in 1.4.x with the target set
to 1.1 does not always give one the desired/expected results.  We do like
the very SMALL footprint of 1.1.x since the swing is optional and there are
NO client required downloads AND old browsers work, too!

1. Mark the Ant 1.5.x releases as the last JDK 1.1 compatible release. IOW,
Ant 1.6 would require JDK 1.2

It would seem silly not to begin the transition; however, for the sake of
the developers and the implementers and the users do take the small steps
that allow everyone, especially those with small programming staffs, the
time to make the change gracefully!  I like the #2 choice much better since
there will be a large number of users that will miss the wake-up call
announcing the change (time, budget, staff) and the #2 choice gives them
just a little more time!

2. Mark 1.6 as the last JDK 1.1 release. This would give more notice of the

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