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Subject Problem running ant with PVCS
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:47:01 GMT
 When I run my build file I get the following error:                        
 [pvcs] Executing 'pcli' with arguments:                                    
 [pvcs] 'lvf'                                                               
 [pvcs] '-z'                                                                
 [pvcs] '-aw'                                                               
 [pvcs] '-spC:\Work\WebConnect\Sandbox\SecondProject\Person'                
 [pvcs] '-prQ:\WebConnect\archives'                                         
 [pvcs] '\Sandbox\'                                                         
 [pvcs] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are            
 [pvcs] not part of the command.                                            
 [pvcs] PVCS Version Manager (VMGUI) v6.7.00 (Build 894) for Windows        
 I have no idea what this means.                                            
 I am trying to get the files out of the following location :               
 which contains two files and                 
 to the following location :                                                
 I have set my task up as follows:                                          
 <property name = "PVCSsrc" location="Q:\WebConnect\archives"/>             
 <property name="src" location="C:                                          
 <target name="getFromPVCS">                                                
 <!-- Get latest files from PVCS -->                                        
 <pvcs repository="${PVCSsrc}" pvcsproject="\Sandbox\" workspace="${src}"/> 
 I have guessed that repository will be :                                   
 Q:\WebConnect\archives\ and that project is the next directory up Sandbox. 
 Thanks for any help Tony                                                   

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