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From Dave Draper <>
Subject RE: Recommendations for moving from java to .NET
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 20:02:46 GMT
> > I agree.
> >
> > We recently did a job for code signing applications that
> > will reside in Cell Phone's using MS SmartPhone OS. This
> > project could not be written all the way in Java. While
> > we did as much as possible in Java the only way to verify
> > the signed files and then resign the cab file with our
> > certificate was to use MS code libraries and write C++
> > code.
> or use VJ++, no?

Can't do. VJ++ is no longer supported by MS. Best thing to
do was write C++ code and use JNI. The options were limited
because of the way MS applies DSigs to code and also how they
sign cab files. It is fundamentally different than the way
Java would sign a jar file.

> > What I am now working on is a way to integrate building
> > the C++ code on Win 2K into our automated build process
> > which is Java/Ant. The only thing working to my favor is
> > that we build on Win2K platform so at least I don't have
> > to build on multiple machines.
> Have you looked at <cc> on ant-contrib. That is a serious C++ 
> compiler add
> on to Ant

Haven't looked at much of anything yet. The one thing that will
help me is the developer who wrote the code is a big emacs guy
so he has a makefile and used command line compilers etc. instead
of an IDE and project files. 

- Dave

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