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From Timothy Wall <>
Subject Re: Conditional target execution based on prerequisite execution
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 02:15:05 GMT

On Sunday, August 25, 2002, at 06:05 PM, Martin wrote:

> Tim/Mike
> It appears we have 2 items here
> 1)The regular Target dependency tree
> 2)Targets which should be executed everytime the Project build is 
> invoked.
> Does Ant have a mechanism for ALWAYS executing specified targets 
> everytime
> the Project build is invoked
> Regardless of the Dependency tree?

No, that's easy enough to do by depending on a dummy target.  What is 
useful is only running selected steps as necessary, reducing overall 
build time.

Unfortunately, the current mantra seems to be "with jikes, builds don't 
take very long, so just build everything".  This is a very naive 
approach.  Sorry, but it just ain't so.  Throw in a few idl 
conversions, a few project compiles, and a final unification jar, and I 
don't want to wait for everything.

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