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From Dan Gardner <>
Subject RE: pathconvert/map > not matching
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 15:56:27 GMT
I managed to solve this.

did a dirset of the begining path, and pathconvert 'ed that.  Then used the
resultant property in the map/from element.

Dan Gardner        Emap IT - UK

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dan Gardner []
>Sent: 14 February 2003 13:43
>To: 'Ant Users List'
>Subject: pathconvert/map > not matching
>I have a fileset that I am pathconvert 'ing.  I'm using a map 
>element to
>remove the preceding part of each path.
>The actual syntax is below (de xslt'd).
><fileset dir="${patch.dir}/${cvspackage}/patch_1" includes="**/*.*"
>  <present targetdir="${patch.dir}/${cvspackage}/patch_2"/>
><pathconvert targetos="unix" pathsep="," property="patch_1.files"
>  <map from="${patch.dir}/${cvspackage}" to="" />
>The map *should* be matching "${patch.dir}/${cvspackage}", but isn't.
>pathconvert resolves the filesset to root, so all the paths 
>start from / ,
>run up to the build base directory, then continue into
>build basedir="./" (which is where ANT is run = "/build/ant")
>${patch.dir} = patches
>${cvspackage} = cvs_project1
>So in the property at the end I get 
>"/build/ant/patches/cvs_project1/....  "
>I've tried hardcoding the map/from = "/build/ant/patches" but 
>even that does
>not work in removing it.
>Any ideas ?
>Dan Gardner        Emap IT - UK
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