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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: ANT: KJS#00003 Appendix_E (BookMarks) (20030212)
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:41:22 GMT
By all means feel free to enhance that Appendix E document.  Keep in  
mind, though, that the same process that generated Appendix E is now  
being actively worked on to generate descriptors and documentation for  
each task in Ant.  It is now being run as part of the Gump nightly  

While this index page is ugly (it was a quick hack to make a  
categorized index of the XML files generated), the task documentation  
under that index is more attractive.  This is being generated in this  

	Ant's source code -> XDoclet -> XML files -> HTML

So we could add a PDF generation of this documentation.  As anyone a  
FOP wiz?  It would be very sweet to add PDF generation to the mix, as  
well (of course) enhance the HTML presentation of this.

Once you are satisfied with your Appendix E enhancements, please attach  
it to a Bugzilla enhancement request rather than e-mailing it to the  
list or to me.


p.s. What things are you finding mentioned that do not appear in that  
document?  Remember that Appendix E was meant solely as a quick task  
reference, not to be exhaustive task documentation, which we  
*intentionally* left up to Ant's own builtin documentation.

On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 10:54  PM, DoNOTuseREPLY wrote:
> I finally decided that Appendix E that shipped with the ANT docs was  
> very
> useful BUT terrible in its current format.  I couldn't find anything  
> without
> clicking pages.  For my use, I am putting bookmarks in the document
> organized by letter of the alphabet and by what is on a page (remains  
> a PDF
> file).  I suppose that I would need the author's permission (Erik  
> Hatcher I
> think) to give it to anyone else though I think I read somewhere, in  
> all of
> this stuff, that Appendix E had been given to the Ant Project.   
> Whatever ...
> So, if  anyone wants it (~2.5mb) and they can accept an eMail of this  
> size
> (it does not zip much smaller), with the author's permission, I'll be  
> more
> than happy to send it to them.  At the moment, I still have some  
> letters of
> the alphabet to finish.
> Maybe the moderator (sp?) can give me a hint if this would be worth  
> while to
> make available to other new-ANTS -- I know it is helping me find stuff
> mentioned by others.  Unfortunately, I am finding a lot of things  
> mentioned
> that do not appear in this appendix that seem to be sourced elsewhere.  
>  I
> may add these sorts of things to a page 'z' as an attachment to this
> appendix.  Then I can get rid of the bazillion messages that seem to  
> have
> tid-bits that I think I may need at some later date!
> So, ...
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