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From "Keith Hatton" <>
Subject RE: Ant & PVCS have no idea why my script wont work
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:09:06 GMT
What happens if you try to run the pcli command directly from the Command Prompt? It looks
like Ant is running the following:

pcli lvf -z -aw -spC:\work\WebConnect\SandBox\SecondProject\person -prQ:\WebConnect\archives\Sandbox

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Sent: 20 February 2003 10:53
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Ant & PVCS have no idea why my script wont work

I have two NT machines
On one machine we have PVCS set up the path is :

Q:\WebConnect\archives\Sandbox\{My two archived files}

On my other machine I have my working directory where I want to get the
files out to :

Here is the latest version of my non working  script :

<project name="SecondProject" default="getFromPVCS">
<--I was told that repository address must have double\\-->
<property name = "repository" location="Q:
<property name = "workspace" location="C:

<target name="getFromPVCS">
    <!-- Get latest files from PVCS -->
    <pvcs repository="${repository}" pvcsproject="/" workspace="

Error Message is as follows:
     [pvcs] class Pvcs : execute() Set Repository: Q:
     [pvcs] class Pvcs : execute() Set Pvcsproject: /
     [pvcs] Executing 'pcli' with arguments:
     [pvcs] 'lvf'
     [pvcs] '-z'
     [pvcs] '-aw'
     [pvcs] '-spC:\work\WebConnect\SandBox\SecondProject\person'
     [pvcs] '-prQ:\WebConnect\archives\Sandbox'
     [pvcs] '/'
     [pvcs] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
     [pvcs] not part of the command.

All I need to know is, is the script ok, if it is then the problem must be
in the mapping from my machine to Q: and although I can use PVCS, there
must be a problem with the setup that ant is using.

Cheers and Thanks for any Help Tony

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