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From "Keith Hatton" <>
Subject RE: Strange javac behaviour
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:55:07 GMT
1. What does javac do from the command line, in the same circumstances?
2. The "obvious" thing is that one or more classes in your ejb package reference classes in
the other packages, which reference other classes ... which ends up with 155 classes being

Running ant with -debug or javac with -verbose might give you more information as to what
is happening and why. (On the other hand, it may give you so much data that you can't see
the wood for the trees).


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From: Martin Porter []
Sent: 13 February 2003 14:29
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Strange javac behaviour


I am seeing something unexpected happen during my build process and I am not
why. Below are the 2 ways I have tried of building this target and neither
as I require. What I require is to compile all classes under
to the target directory (there are 12 files under that directory and its

    <target name="compile_framework_ejb">
        <javac destdir="${liberica.classesEJB}">
            <src path="${liberica.sourceDir}"/>
            <include name="com/liberica/framework/ejb/**"/>
                <path refid="ext.libs.classpath"/>
                <pathelement path="${j2ee.server.core.jars}"/>
                <pathelement path="${j2ee.server.xml.jars}"/>
                <pathelement path="${giscrypto.classpath}"/>

    <target name="compile_framework_ejb">
        <javac srcdir="${liberica.sourceDir}"
                <path refid="ext.libs.classpath"/>
                <pathelement path="${j2ee.server.core.jars}"/>
                <pathelement path="${j2ee.server.xml.jars}"/>
                <pathelement path="${giscrypto.classpath}"/>

Even though Ant tells me it is copying 12 files it for some reason compiles
155 files
into the target directory which is basically com.liberica.framework.*. The
from ant is shown below:-

    [javac] Compiling 12 source files to

Am i missing something very obvious...? There are around 30 directories at
the 'com.liberica.framework'
level and i dont want to have to specifically exclude each one as if new
ones are added the build
will have to change each time which is non-sense !.

Any info appreciated...


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