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From "Bob Hays, Computer Geek" <>
Subject Problem adding attachments to bug 17134
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:32:59 GMT
I just entered bug 17134.  I've tried with Netscape 7 and IE 6 to add
attachments (@11:26A Monday) and the site's not responding.  So, I'm hoping
one of the developers watching this list will either let me know when it
works or just attach these two files to the defect.

I would have made context diffs but cygwin wouldn't cooperate (I think its
related to line endings - eclipse must have switched them to Windows).

The files fix the jdepend task to handle JDepend 2.5, which was just
released.  The HTML file details what was modified (deprecation of
<sourcespath> which is replace by <classespath>, and added <exclude>
elements that map to the ignore property in JDepend).

Thanks and have fun! - Bob

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