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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Ant reference book
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 13:27:00 GMT
On Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 05:55  AM, Herr Christian Wolfgang 
Hujer wrote:
> I have the small and the big Ant books from O'Reilly. Usually I'd 
> recommend
> O'Reilly, but, though these are very good, they don't explain much of 
> Ant's
> additional tasks. I've heard there's an Ant book out there that even 
> devotes
> two chapters on XDoclet. I'd recommend at least taking a look at that 
> one,
> just for hearing that it also covers XDoclet.

Two books on Ant from O'Reilly?  Really?  I have three (well, ok, I 
co-wrote one of them) different books: the Sam's book, the O'Reilly 
one, and the one Steve and I wrote.

I could give you the sales pitch on why ours is the best, but that is a 
pretty biased opinion and I wouldn't take an authors opinion alone 
either :).  Check the reviews at Amazon, that should tell you the 
bigger picture.  Also, Steve and I are both very active Ant committers, 
which tells you that the information there is "directly from the 
source" (literally... the number of bugs fixed in Ant during the 
writing process is surely in the double digits).

Our book includes a complete chapter on XDoclet, as well as several 
other usages of XDoclet for web development and EJB development.  In 
fact, the entire appendix E Ant Task Reference was generated with 
XDoclet.  Look in the latest Ant binary distribution in the docs 
directory and you'll see Appendix E there - we donated it to the Ant 


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