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From "Matt Lyon" <>
Subject New Line in manifest
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 22:01:32 GMT

I have an inline <manifest> parameter in my <jar> task that stamps my jars' manifest
files with =${version.major}.${version.minor}.${version.revision}.${} which are
expanded from a file. The problem is that, if a lazy developer does not define
these values in the file, the entry comes out as Version=${version.major}.${version.minor}.${version.revision}.${},
and because the line is so long, it spills over to a new line... this breaks the jar when
it is deployed to WebLogic. Is there a workaround for this to keep lengthy strings inserted
into a manifest on one line only, or is there a char limit for manifest entries defined by
the jar spec that I am not aware of?


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