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Subject Logging and listeners
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:40:14 GMT

I have a question about the logging ant supplies:

I would like to have the output from an ant build session both on screen and
in a file: specifiying ant -logfile <file> gives me a nice overview of all
activities of the build script, but I cannot follow the progress on screen.
Note that I work on a win2k box, so a "tail -f" is not an option. I already
looked to the log4j logger, but this listener does not produce the same
output as it is generated via the default logging.

Does ant provide the possibility to have the logging go both to the console
and to the logfile?



Nick Boucart
Quality Assurance Engineer
EMC Belgium Development Group

Phone: +32 15 401 416
Fax:     +32 15 401 400

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