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From "Hagen, Christian" <>
Subject ANT 1.5.1: Two property files: Property values not resolved
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:53:35 GMT

even searching docs and archives did not help me with the following issue:

I have got two property files:
P.refid = xyz
P.display.somevalue = ABC
P.display.refname = ${} = Name of XYZ

The entry "P.refid" in "" is used to resolve the name of the second property
file (here: ""). The property "P.display.refname" by default references another
property set in the "*".

I do load the two property files with

<property file=""/>
<property file="${P.refid}"/>

When setting verbose mode, there are warnings after the first file, that some properties (ie.
"") have not been set, which is perfectly clear.

The problem is, that after reading the second property file, I inserted some echo tasks to
output the property values. The result is similar to

"P.display.refname : ${}"

which means that the property has not been resolved.

Question: Is there any way to trigger ANT to resolve the properties again? Or should the example
above work anyway?

Thanks in advance.


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