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From "Mike Ayers" <>
Subject RE: help required on ANT
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 17:22:26 GMT

	Hello, Saugata,

	First, please don't send HTML email to technical mailing lists.

	Second, please trim off all unrelated content before sending.

	Now, on to your problem.  I see two possibilities here.  The first is that you just have
a really long compile on your hands.  Look at the processes while ant is running and see if
you get different javac processes popping in and out.  You will need fork="true" to do this.

	The second is something that I have seen work once before, although I can't really explain
it.  You say that killing the process leaves it defunct and waiting on input.  Instead of
killing it, try slapping the return key a lot and see if that gets things rolling.  It probably
won't, but hey...


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