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From "Hammer, Paul" <>
Subject RE: ANT visions and best practices
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:28:10 GMT

Hi Matthias,

We here provide multiple web applications to the US education community.
We use ant to build our products which involves compiling, packaging, and 
deploying java code. This process is run nightly in an automated
fashion to our integration machines, and is also done periodically by hand
to our QA and production machines.  

We have also implemented a separate ANT process to handle SQL database refresh 
and update from our production machine to our integration and QA machines.
Again, this runs nightly and periodically. 

Over the last few months have worked to replace much of these processes that
were implemented with batch files, shell scripts, and perl files, with ANT
XML files.  This effort has been mostly successful, however, we couldn't
implement all our needed functionality in ant.

Be careful using ANT.  I began developing ANT XML files thinking it could
be used like a programming language.  ANT is NOT a programming language.
For example, properties are not variables.  Once a property is set
with a value, it cannot be reset to a different value.

However, ANT does have the advantage of being platform independent.  
We have an ant XML file that does run the same on MS Windows NT/2K as
it runs on our Linux servers.


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From: Matthias P. []
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 9:13 AM
Subject: ANT visions and best practices


I am new to ANT but need to work with it as the responsible configuration
manager (Please dont ask why someone who has never worked with ANT was
appointed as configuration manager. I hope my manager knows what is best for his
project ;-))

Until now i started to do the tutorials, compile some sources etc. 
What i would like to know is what wonders and miracles can be done with ANT?

On what ANT-implementations on your project are you really proud of? 
Its just to get an idea and vision what can be done with ANT.

Thank you for your attention. I hope in some month i can give you back some
of my new gained knowledge.

Matthias (from the lovely and sunny Munich)

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