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From Tony Obermeit <>
Subject creating pl/sql package in sql task, only part of package loaded
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 21:04:00 GMT
Below is a code snippet I use to create a pl/sql package with ant 1.5.1.

The package specification creates successfully, the package body does not 
create, it appears that significant lines of the code are not saved, with 
only lines at the start and end of the code being created.  The code is 742 
lines which about 26kb of text.  It almost seems like the sax parsing of 
the sql text doesn't correctly pick up the middle text.

Is there a limit to how much pl/sql text can go in to the sql task?  Am I 
running the pl/sql creation the way I should?  Any other ideas?



<target name  = "create" >

             driver  = "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
             url = "${database.jdbc.url}"
             userid = "${database.user}"
             password = "${database.password}"
             print = "true"
             delimiter = "/"
             onerror   = "abort" >


create package

.....	(specification)


create package body.....
742 lines of code in here, 26kb of text




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