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From "Richard T. Williams" <>
Subject RE: Problem with tagging CVS source in build.xml
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 18:58:27 GMT
try tagging a particular package. I do this:

<cvs package="Reports" dest="${em.root.dir}" command="-z9 -Q tag -F 
${em.tag.with}" cvsRoot="${compass.cvsroot}" passfile=".cvspass" />

I think you should have:

<cvs package="Webapp" dest="${cvsdir}" command="tag release1"/>

At 12:08 PM 2/6/2003 -0600, Dominique Devienne wrote:
>Perhaps, but tag is safer. You don't what made it to the repository in
>between the time the local sandbox was updated, and the remote repo is
>rtagged. With tag, you tag exactly what you have locally. --DD
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>From: Arthur Lim []
>Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 9:14 PM
>To: 'Ant Users List'
>Cc: Grant Sayer; Mariellen Mihopoulos
>Subject: RE: Problem with tagging CVS source in build.xml
>You would want to use "rtag" instead of "tag". Lookup the description of
>"rtag" for the details.
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>From: Andrew Zeon []
>Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 10:24 AM
>To: Ant Mailing List (E-mail)
>Cc: Grant Sayer; Mariellen Mihopoulos
>Subject: Problem with tagging CVS source in build.xml
>I am having problems trying to tag my CVS source because my build.xml file
>is not in the same directory as my checkout destination. How can I execute a
>cvs command in a different directory other than the directory at which the
>build.xml file is located?
>I've tried this:
><cvs dest="${cvsdir}/Webapp" command="tag release1"/>
>but it doesn't work. It doesn't tag the source. Are there any other ways?
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