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From "M. Erik Husby" <>
Subject Re: Logging and listeners
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:52:22 GMT
If you are willing to get the Cygwin toolset, you can get a version of 
tail for Windows. Checkout wrote:

>I have a question about the logging ant supplies:
>I would like to have the output from an ant build session both on screen and
>in a file: specifiying ant -logfile <file> gives me a nice overview of all
>activities of the build script, but I cannot follow the progress on screen.
>Note that I work on a win2k box, so a "tail -f" is not an option. I already
>looked to the log4j logger, but this listener does not produce the same
>output as it is generated via the default logging.
>Does ant provide the possibility to have the logging go both to the console
>and to the logfile?
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