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From Sebastien BLANC <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: ant / javac implicit compilation]
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:07:48 GMT
coming from the ANT doc:
"Only Java files that have no corresponding class file or [...] will be

Since the build order is controled by whoever setup ANT for a project,
"Only Java files that have no corresponding class file on a given package
[...] will be compiled" ?
be a better requirement ?

would really help J2EE projects, don't think it would mess anything for
regular java projects, would it ?



Sebastien BLANC wrote:

> Hello !
> does anbody know if there is a clean way (or standard rules ?) to avoid
> implicit javac compilation for external java packages ?
> for instance: class a in package A imports class b in pakckage B; if a
> developer has changed smthg in a class b and does not recompile it
> before compiling the package A, then the A jar file(s) will contain the
> B classes as well, which contradicts J2EE ejb-refs in sources.
> thanx.
> seb.

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