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From webhiker <>
Subject Re: Missing & misleading documentation, help needed on advanced Jar functionality
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:30:55 GMT
I'm aware of the licensing implications of packaging 3rd party jars 
together, but it's the only solution I have until someone finds an
easier way to solve these kinds of dependencies.
It's not feasible to have to make a user run a Java application from the 
commandline, at least not in the year 2003.
Creating and maintaining 4 billion startup scripts is not an option either.

When o when will we see some support from Sun for nested jar files.......?

PS :Thanks for the info so far guys...

> On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, <> wrote:
>>It also states falsely, that "This element is identical to the
>>manifest task".
> It now says
> "This element is identical to the manifest task, but its file and mode
> attributes will be ignored."
> which is still wrong, Ant will fail because of the not-supported
> attribute.  Simply leave the attribute out.
> But it probably won't help you anyway, as <manifest> cannot be used to
> merge manifests encountered in the jars you are adding from.  Ant 1.6
> (still alpha) has a "filesetmanifest" attribute that you could use to
> merge the manifests.
> But again, this will probably not help you as the signature itself
> won't be valid after that.
> If you wanted to distribute your resulting jar, you'd be in violation
> of JAF's license, BTW.
> Stefan
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