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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject filelist dir attribute
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:06:37 GMT
Thanks for the help on the question. Now I've got a bit 
further, I've come across another problem. I've seen quite a few posts 
in the archives mentioning this problem, and I am trying to find a 

I want make it possible to define the location of my external jars in 
one place for all and any projects.  I was trying to set up two files:

1) for the local system, specifying a range of external jar files for 
potential inclusion and their locations

2) for project properties, including a property that is a list of 
required external jars, e.g. ${struts.jar},${jaxb.jar},${mysql.jar}, in 
a comma seperated list, using the properties defined in the system jar.

The plan was then to turn the list of jars into a filelist property and 
use it in my classpath and for my deploy target.

However filelist has a dir attribute for a common root which is 
mandatory - on Unix I can ignore this by using / but under windows it is 
impossible due to the drive letters.

Is there a work-around for this I could use? Can I somehow get rid of 
the slash that filelist puts before the drive letter?


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