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From Hanasaki JiJi <>
Subject <task not finding jar files
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 23:15:27 GMT
ANT doesnt seem to be  finding the jar files for xdoclet.  they have
been included in a classpath ref.  the task defs were taken directly
from the samples dir of the download.

any thoughts?

using the current download of b2.

====== CONSOLE OUTPUT OF ANT TASK ===========

[webdoclet] Make sure the jar file containing the webdoclet class is on
the classpath specified in the <taskdef> that defined {2}. These classes
are needed in order to generate correct output.
[webdoclet]     at xdoclet.DocletTask.checkClass(
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at xjavadoc.ant.XJavadocTask.execute(
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at
[webdoclet]     at

======= DEBUG OUTPUT ======== full detail too big to post to list
[webdoclet] validating subTask: deploymentdescriptor class: class
[webdoclet] validating subTask: jsptaglib class: class
Finding class javax.servlet.Servlet
Finding class xdoclet.XDocletMessages
Class xdoclet.XDocletMessages loaded from ant loader
Finding class xdoclet.XDocletMessagesMessages
ResourceStream for xdoclet/ loaded
from ant loader
Finding class xdoclet.XDocletMessagesMessages_en
Couldn't load ResourceStream for
Finding class xdoclet.XDocletMessagesMessages_en_US
Couldn't load ResourceStream for

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