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From webhiker <>
Subject Re: build.xml & best practices
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 17:30:50 GMT
Could you tell me if you found a less ridiculous (cryptic) way to 
factorise your tasks into a common include file
other than the wonderfully "only it's mother could love it" syntax such as :

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE DOCUMENT [<!ENTITY include SYSTEM "file:../common.xml">]>

<project name="toto" default="usage" basedir="." >




>Hello Adam,
>I just can explain how we have structured our build process.
>We have basically the Project Root Directory beneath which all our projects
>are stored. In this directory, we have central includes, which can be
>included by all our build scripts. On top of this there is a file,
>where e.g. Directories for our JBoss Installation and the Webserver are
>stored in properties. 
>In each project we have a build.xml file, which includes the common targets
>and properties, and also defines some project specific targets and properties
>(e.g. the classpath). Also we are using a here, where for
>example the name of the project is defined. These properties should never be
>Last but not least we have a stored in the userhome
>directory, where each developer can store properties specific for him (e.g.
>debug=on, ...). The property files get read in the following order:
>- userhome\
>- projectroot\project\
>- projectroot\
>This is how we made a very easy way on how to use ant. I am currently
>waiting to get 1.5.2 because there you can include targets from another file and
>overwrite them in the build.xml specific to your project.
>Markus M. May

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