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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: Try - Catch
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 01:17:52 GMT
I haven't checked the list in a couple of days, so I caught up with this 
thread late. First, thanks for all the nice comments and constructive 
criticism, it's always nice to heard that people are actually using the 
stuff I post on sourceforge. I packaged Antelope in 4 different pieces, 
I thought that would make it convenient for people to download. Here's 
the release notes about the downloads:

This is a bug fix release. Please see the release notes in the 
distribution for details.

Antelope_X.XX.jar is just the class files and is all that is needed to RUN
Antelope. is source, docs, images, libraries, etc, all that is 
to COMPILE and RUN Antelope. is just the documentation in html format. 
is included in both of the above files, so you don't need to download this
file if you have one of them. is just the additional Ant tasks and task
documentation provided by Antelope. The tasks are included in both the jar
and source zip, so you don't need to download this file if you have one of

So to get just the tasks, get the It has a jar 
file of compiled classes and documentation, this is all you need to USE 
the tasks. If you want to compile them or look at the source, you'll 
need to grab the file. That file contains all the 
collected items that make up the Antelope distribution, so if you are 
just looking for the task source, you'll end up with a lot of other garbage.

Antelope is pretty much a jEdit plugin. To get the latest from cvs, 
you'll need to go to the jEdit cvs repository, it's under the plugins. 
The jEdit sourceforge project is at The files in cvs from the 
Antelope project pages is out of date, I'm not maintaining cvs in two 
places, just in the jEdit cvs. Make sense?

Dale Anson wrote:

>I caught some emails earlier this month on a try catch I was wondering how
>that is working?
>Where can I get it?
>Does anyone use this?
>Michael Medwith
>Flagstar Bank
>Wholesale Web Development Team
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