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From Sebastien BLANC <>
Subject Re: project management w/ ANT
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 04:01:38 GMT
Hello !
see inserted.

* Martin wrote:
"The reply to your specific question is that using an Unix Shell with find to
accomplish the functionality you desire..
The more general question you pose is relevant to all Ant users
My Question:
Each developer is assigned a specific package do they generate a build.xml
from their IDE or is the build.xml provided ?"

-> in my case (which shouldn't be only mine) the IDE tool is mainly used for
debug by developers. for compilation - as I see it - they can use either the
command line w/ ANT or the IDE. For now since I only have these scripts that
generates build.xml files, the IDE would use the generated build.xml to launch a
compilation on a specific package. now, I wouldn't want these private build.xml
files to be registered into my configuration mgt system coz they are only a
duplication of the top one and I don't want anybody to have to maintain or mess
w/ them.
also I don't use the IDE to launch global builds for iterative releases, vaults
and so on.

not sure what u meant. even when using an IDE, u're still required to generate
these build.xml files ? I don't know much about IDEs products though, maybe you
know a tool (NetBean or so ?) that would generate the build.xml from a top one ?

* Ken wrote:
"The quickest solution might be to install Cygwin and use the unix
script...  I've been doing this with ANT and other java based tools for
years, and the scripts usually require only a few minor path related tweaks
before they work on both platforms."

-> thanx. I had a look and the tool is very cool. I would however prefered not
having to maintain my UNIX script and rely on a third party-product java based
tool to achieve such a task. ANT would seem the rite place.

* from Kyle Adams, does anybody knows who maintains this page:
I tried the email contact for the Configure project but got no answer so far.

* finally, only Dominique D. replied about the java dependencies computing. this
looks like a very common task to me. any future in ANT for that ?


From: Sebastien BLANC []
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 10:42 PM
Subject: project management w/ ANT

Hello !

Here is how I did work with ant for now:
I have a script that generates all build.xml files from a
build.xml.template and a rbuild.xml.template, and from the top src
build.xml.template contains applicative targets such as doclet, compile,
archive, unit test, doc generation and so on.
rbuild.xml.template contains the recursive targets of compilation.

now that my build.xml.template quality is pretty fine, I'd like to know
if there is a way for me to ligthen the process:

is there a java tool anywhere that would generate all these sub-dummy
ant files from my r/build.xml.template reference parsing the tree and
its subdirectories to perform the same task for me:
- generate recursive rbuild.xml where there are subdirectories
- generate build.xml where there are java files by referencing the
referenced build.xml w/ antcalls and replacing the directory path in the
- optionally generate a mix when there are java files and subdirectories
(I actually don't have this conf and don't think this is very clean for
a java project, but just an opinion).

my script is a UNIX shell script using the find command and so that's
why I ask ... coz I can't use it directly on WIN32. I know this is
doable in java but I had not the time.

I think this is a pretty common project task and so I worry if anybody
ever tried smthg ? for most of the ANT samples I've seen there is only
one build.xml that does the job on the whole tree but in distributed
dvt. this is never the case where engineers only work on specific
directories. more specifically w/ J2EE/xdoclet, one directory has to
match one jar file (if u want to ease the generation process).

another common task would be to parse the java files under
subdirectories in a subdirectory w/ java files and generates the correct
dependencies so that the recursive build.xml is generated in the correct

does everybody put all its build.xml files in configuration system mgt
or do u generate them as private files as well ?

I looked at maven but did not find such automation.

thanx for any input.


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