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From Matthias P. <>
Subject Re: ANT visions and best practices
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:07:40 GMT
Hi Simon, 

thank you for your advice. 

> 2. look at junit, httpunit and cactus, if you havent already. Java tools
> for
> Extreme Programming is another book in this area.

So you suggest to run auto-tests during the build process? Do you run all
unit test of your developers or just a subset.  Which kind of unittest will
this subset include?

> 4. Set up an automated build system, such as CruiseControl
> (, for a continuous build.

CruiseControl is for continues integration. Isnt'it? Our project will be a
very large project, so is it a good idea to run a complete build every time
someone checks in new sources? 

> 5. automate all deployment, post deployment testing,
> 6. treat deployment config problems as defects and write tests for them
> before you fix.

So I write JUnit-Tests for the deployment or which test-tool do u suggest?

> I have some papers and presentations you might find interesting at

I will have a look! Thank you,

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