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Subject Re: build.xml & best practices
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 12:01:24 GMT
Hello Adam,
I just can explain how we have structured our build process.
We have basically the Project Root Directory beneath which all our projects
are stored. In this directory, we have central includes, which can be
included by all our build scripts. On top of this there is a file,
where e.g. Directories for our JBoss Installation and the Webserver are
stored in properties. 
In each project we have a build.xml file, which includes the common targets
and properties, and also defines some project specific targets and properties
(e.g. the classpath). Also we are using a here, where for
example the name of the project is defined. These properties should never be
Last but not least we have a stored in the userhome
directory, where each developer can store properties specific for him (e.g.
debug=on, ...). The property files get read in the following order:
- userhome\
- projectroot\project\
- projectroot\

This is how we made a very easy way on how to use ant. I am currently
waiting to get 1.5.2 because there you can include targets from another file and
overwrite them in the build.xml specific to your project.


Markus M. May

> Hi All,
> I am using ant for several different java projects:
> - often using completely different 3rd party jar like JAXB or struts or 
> cachedRowset
> - sometimes with tomcat, sometimes with weblogic, occasionally just java
> - some are web apps, one is EJB, one is Swing.
> I am always editing my build.xml and I often think I am not making best 
> use of
> Should I write a build.xml file which takes a that will:
> - allow me to specify just one variable in the to 
> switch appserver such as${weblogic}
> - let me say which external jars I want to include in the classpath, 
> deploy and dist targets, for instance 
> external.jars=${struts.jar}:${rowset.jar}:
> Would this be a sensible use of time or should I just carry on hacking 
> my build.xml, or is there an optimum in between?
> TIA for any comments!
> Adam
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