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Subject RE: 2nd try: Creating property using regular expression on string/property value
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:12:54 GMT
You can't change the values of properties because they're immutable.

But you could create a second property based on the value of your string by:
1) creating a property file
2) using regular expression to change the value in the property file.
3) source the properties

Some example ..

    <target name="foo.default"
            description="create newchangestring from string1">
        <!-- 1) create a property file. -->
        <property name="string1" value="tom dick"/>
        <echo message="changestring=${string1}"/>
        <propertyfile file="">
            <entry key="changestring" value="${string1}"/>
        <!-- 2) change the value in the property file. -->
        <replaceregexp file=""
            replace="newchangestring=\1\ and\ harry"/>
        <!-- 3) source the properties -->
        <property file=""/>
        <echo message="newchangestring=${newchangestring}"/>


     [echo] changestring=tom dick
[propertyfile] Updating property file: /temp/
     [echo] newchangestring=tom dick and harry



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tony Obermeit []
> Sent: 19 February 2003 12:36
> To:
> Subject: 2nd try: Creating property using regular expression on
> string/property value
> I'm still trying to find an answer for this question.  I've 
> searched the 
> documentation on regexp which appears to apply to mapping or 
> selecting 
> filenames based on a regular expression.  I just want to do a string 
> replace on a property value using a regular expression.  Any other 
> ideas?  Just point me to the appropriate ant documentation.
> thanks
> Tony
> >Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 07:02:34 +1000
> >To:
> >From: Tony Obermeit <>
> >Subject: Creating property using regular expression on 
> string/property value
> >
> >I have a property value that I want to use for part of a 
> file name but the 
> >property value sometimes includes spaces that I don't want 
> to include in 
> >the filename.  I am looking to create a new property value 
> but apply a 
> >regular expression to an existing property value when I 
> create it.  The 
> >examples I've seen seem to do this with replacing tokens within an 
> >existing file, I want to do it effectively within a string 
> in my build script.
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >Tony
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