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From "DoNOTuseREPLY" <>
Subject I Wish
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 21:04:20 GMT
I hang on all the words several of you seem to say about the stuff that is
hidden inside the books, manuals, URLs, URIs, in the "brains" and who knows
where else all that stuff is stuck, stored, and put.  It is tremendous that
you take the time to share your knowledge cause I really have a lot more to
do more that just read this "list" (which is where I spend a lot of time
lurking and
reading) and read books (oh, yea, I am very proficient in 'c' and assembler
and ...) but ...

The learning curve is tremendous for ANT.  I think I have managed about
0.001% since I started in January 2003.  I lurk hoping you will answer my
questions or I find it after digging, for ages, in the heap of archived
messages where you suggest the solution lays in-waiting to be found.  If I
really had a clue and an ANT-Search-Engine?

Now if I could get the blessed thing to work like I think ya'll are saying
it is supposed to so I can stop doing it quickly in 'c' so I can get it done
(java wrappers, too)!


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