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From "DoNOTuseREPLY" <>
Subject Re: Problem with ANT_HOME in Windows 98
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 20:37:37 GMT
Your environment seems to be missing %SystemDrive%.  You must define it when
using win9x.  The documentation is silent on the need for this!


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From: "Jim Cobban" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 4:34 PM
Subject: Problem with ANT_HOME in Windows 98

I have downloaded and unzipped the ant 1.5.1 package.  I have set ANT_HOME
and JAVA_HOME as described in the installation instructions.  However no
matter what I set ANT_HOME to when I type ant I get:

ANT_HOME is set incorrectly or ant could not be located. Please set

The environment variables are:


There is only one thread I can see on this subject in the archives, it
peters out with a suggestion that the problem might be the backslash, but
changing this to a forward slash makes no difference.

When I turn echo on I find that execution of ant.bat merrily flows right
through the 'if exist "%ANT_HOME%" goto' statement, even though the
directory definitely exists.  Moreover when I experiment I find that it does
not matter WHAT I put in the "if exist" statement control flows through.
Does "if exist" even work on Win98?

I would really like to use ant.  It is a real pain to have to keep editting
the shell scripts that I am using to compile my applications.

Jim Cobban
34 Palomino Dr.
Kanata, ON, CANADA
K2M 1M1

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