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From "Stefan Schulz" <>
Subject How to realize a forked ant call
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:20:44 GMT

I wonder, if anyone tried to realize a forked ant call in a 
build file. 

To my motivation:
For the project, several ant extensions have been written 
that wrap thirdparty java tools. These tools expect 
environment variables which depend on the project settings. 
By now, these settings are done by script files that finally 
call the project's build file. 
I would like to replace these script files by ant, as in ant 
variables and paths can be constructed OS-independend.

Unfortunately, in ant one cannot re-set properties or 
environment variables. Hence, I was going to use a 
"Meta"-build file, which sets the needed variables 
and then calls the real build file by using the java-task 
with ant. It failed, because the new ant task does not find 
javac anymore. The JAVA_HOME in the new ant task is incorrect 
and setting JAVA_HOME with the java-task seems being ignored.

So, what I would actually need is something like this:
<ant fork="true" ...><env key="some" value="thing"/></ant>

Any suggestions or hints are most welcome.

Thanks in advance

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