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From "Stefan Schulz" <>
Subject Un"bat"ing development: how to realize a forked ant
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:22:33 GMT

the goal of my actions is to have a set of scripts, so I can develop and
deploy a java system with ant using windows as well as unix/linux.

By now, I have batch files to set several environment variables and
options for ant, jvm, and thirdparty java-tools. Of course, this is
awful to maintain, as the environment setting is at least duplicated
(.bat and .sh).

Unfortunately, in ant one cannot reset properties or environment
variables. Hence, I was going to use a "Meta"-build file, which sets the
needed variables 
and then calls the real build file by using the java-task with ant.
Doing so, the new ant task does not find javac anymore. JAVA_HOME is
incorrect, and setting JAVA_HOME with the java-task is ignored.

What I would actually need is something like this:
<ant fork="true" ...><env key="some" value="thing"/></ant>

Has anyone tried to do something similar or has anyone an idea, why my
approach fails?

Hope this is somewhat understandable :)

Thanks in advance

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