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From Brad Cox <>
Subject Getting program outputs into ant value?
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 14:57:53 GMT
Pardon what must be a newbie question; I'm new to this.

I provide MD5 checksums within the download page for the Java+ 
Preprocessor ( I've been editing them 
in manually but would like to automatate this step.

I understand I can write this in index.html

	<dt><a href="JavaPlus.tgz">Binary Distribution</a> md5:@md5.bin</dt>

and filtering will patch it in

	<filter token="md5.bin" value="..."/>

But how do I get the output of running md5 on this file into the ... above?

PS: I know about the <checksum> in the latest release. I want to 
stick with 1.4.x for the nonce, and besides, <checksum> puts it in a 
file which leaves me where I started.

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