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From Brad Cox <>
Subject Re: JSP Precompilation
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 12:59:20 GMT
At 01:10 PM +0200 1/8/03, Herc wrote:
>1. I have to precompile jsp files with ANT. I work with Eclipse, ANT 1.5 and
>j2sdk1.4.1. I want to precompile jsp pages in order to gain some time at the
>first load of pages. I succeeded but they are precompiled again and overitted.
>2. After precompilation process I have to comp[ile those * pages into
>*_jsp.class I get an error like this one: "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" and
>"The system is out of resources".

Sounds like you're out of memory. ;)

One solution is to use Java+ (just released as an ant task; see instead of JSP.

I developed it originally as a JSP replacement so that you could do 
the entire precompilation on the development machine. Haven't used 
JSP in years, but I'm pretty sure the conversion should be as simple 
as specifying <% and %> as the Java+ digraph pairs. And you get 
localized web pages for free, just by throwing a switch (and hiring a 
translation service to translate properties files.)

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