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From "Mark Cooper" <>
Subject Depracated use of "Available" Task
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:39:46 GMT
Hi all,

I'm currently developing a buildfile which potentially needs a different
set of parameters (taken using the xmlproperty task) depending on which
actual machine it is executed on.

The reason I'm having to do it this way is because <xmlproperty file
="blah.xml"> doesn't work the same as <property file="">.
The former crashes the build with an exception because the file is not
found, while the latter doesn't.

I decided to use the "available" task to set a property to the name of the
xml parameter file depending on the machines name, or a default if that
isn't available (hence using "available").

This is working absolutely fine, but Ant is telling me
      [available] DEPRECATED - <available> used to override an existing
      [available]   Build file should not reuse the same property name for
different values.
I've looked through the documentation for Ant 1.5.1 and can't find any
reference to this being depracated, and can't find anything else that would
do the job with an xml based parameter file.

How likely is it that use of the available task to override an existing
property will be removed in a future version?

Can anyone suggest an alternative (apart from using text property files
instead of xml property files, I really wanted to get away from that)?

Mark Cooper

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