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From "Mark Cooper" <>
Subject Re: ANT and AS/400
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:57:30 GMT

---------------------- Forwarded by Mark Cooper/Ops/Ltd/Microlise on
20/01/2003 09:44 ---------------------------

Mark Cooper
20/01/2003 09:41

To:    "Krishnamurthy, Prakash" <>

Subject:    Re: ANT and AS/400  (Document link: Mark Cooper)

The first thing I would do in a debugging effort is give your fileset an id
so that you can use the pathconvert task and then echo out the resultant
path. That way, you can check if the path actually exists through QShell.

I notice your fileset dir path uses back-slashes. Are you sure that is
correct? The Integrated File System paths on AS400 are usually separated
with forward slashes.

I can't tell from your script what ${path} equates to, but remember that
for a 'get', the files will all be relative from whatever you have set
'remotedir' to be, so in your case the path you have asked it to get files
from appears to be


I notice that yhere is no dollar sign in before {topath} - is this meant to
be a variable or not?

Hope this helps

Mark Cooper

"Krishnamurthy, Prakash" <> on
17/01/2003 20:09:10

To:    "''" <>,
       "''" <>

Subject:    ANT and AS/400

This is a part of my build xml.

  <target name="copyclasses" depends="initialization">
  <ftp action="get"
    <fileset dir="${path}\latest\system\classes\">
      <include name="**/*"/>

I am trying to copy some files. I am on a AS/400 and trying to access a
windows file server through FTP and get files from there. Although, I am
able to sign in, it does not copy over any files. It says,"0 files copied".
I have tested and tried a zillion things and I am now sure that it cannot
a syntax problem. I tried doing a list instead of a get and that does not
work either. I am thinking this could be because of the different File
system that the AS/400 has.

any comments?

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