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From "Mark Cooper" <>
Subject Re: Depracated use of "Available" Task
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:40:43 GMT

Thanks for the reply Erik.
In a nutshell, you grasped what it is I'm trying to do, as in:

>If you're just trying to load a different properties
>file for a machine, do this:
 ><property file="${}.properties"/>
>where is a property representing your machine name
>(perhaps from the environment COMPUTERNAME or HOSTNAME).

However, what I'd also said is:

>Can anyone suggest an alternative (apart from using text property files
>instead of xml property files, I really wanted to get away from that)?

I had already been using text property files for a while to do exactly
this, but I now want to use xml files for the same sort of thing with the
additional flexibility that xml provides. I would be able to do exactly the
same if it weren't for the fact that <property file=> and <xmlproperty file
=> behave differently.

Mark Cooper

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