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From "Anthony B. Coates" <>
Subject Re: Using Saxon with the Style task
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 09:53:12 GMT
** Reply to message from Jerome Paul <> on Fri, 3 Jan 2003
09:47:12 +1000

Dear Jerome,

>   Thanks Tony for sending through the url of your mtxslt task I can now use
> saxon but I still lose some of my headings from the xml document during the
> conversion.  This doesn't happen when using saxon from the command prompt.
> I also get this warning printed 
> [mtxslt] : Warning! Failure reading file:/D:/program
> files/docbook/docbook-xsl-1.58.1/common/l10n.xml Cause:
> no protocol: l10n.dtd
> Could this be why I'm losing headings? if so how do I fix it?

Well, any error could be why you are losing your headings.  Without more
details, I cannot say more than that.  I am assuming from the error message
that your file "I10n.xml" has a matching DTD "I10n.dtd".  In particular, you
probably have a DOCTYPE declaration that has the relative SYSTEM locator
"I10n.dtd".  That is do say, you probably have a relative path to your DTD,
rather than an absolute path.  Recently, there has been some confusion among
W3C participants, including parser developers, on whether relative paths should
start with something like "http:" or "file:" just like absolute paths do.  The
final answer seems to be "no", but nonetheless, there are still quite a few
packages out there now which want relative file paths to start with "file:". 
So try changing to path to your DTD from "I10n.dtd" to "file:I10n.dtd", and see
if that works.  If so, great.  If not, sorry, I can't say more unless you send
me the files (if so, send them directly to me, not to the list).

Anthony B. Coates, Information & Software Architect
MDDL Editor (Market Data Definition Language)
FpML AWG Member (Financial Products Markup Language)

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