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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: JUNIT & Junitreport - not showing System.out in HTML Report
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 14:58:03 GMT

On Saturday, January 18, 2003, at 05:55  PM, Frot wrote:
> I have looked at the XML file generated by the junit task, and find 
> the output included :
>   <system-out><![CDATA[Test 1 progressing......
>   ]]></system-out>
> So fas so good.
> Now if I look at the generated HTML report does not include these 
> comments as
> expected...
> Everything else works, except that the System.out's are included in 
> the HTML report.
> Now my question ofcourse is why are the messages not included in the 
> HTML report ??
> Am I missing something here, is there a option of the junitreport task 
> I forgot ??

The stylesheet that generates the HTML report simply ignores 
<system-out> elements.  To have it added, you will have to tweak the 
XSL.  This can be done easily (if you know a little XSLT) by copying 
the existing XSL file, making the changes, and pointing to its parent 
directory using the 'styledir' attribute of the <report> subelement of 


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