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From "Nau, Michael" <>
Subject Best Practices & questions about integrating SCM Tools with Ant
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 02:03:09 GMT
I've been doing some research lately as to trying to come up with some
best practices for building components and applications. 

In our current environment our components dependencies (name and
version) are explicitly listed in the components build.xml file. This
way when the build is kicked off with ant, ant "checks-out" a copy of
all the components dependencies from version control to use for
compiling ant testing the component.

For example:

Component Foo
- depends on component A version 1.0
- depends on component B version 1.1

When I want to build and test Foo, it's build script checks out version
1.0 of component A and version 1.1 of component B. It then puts these
components onto its classpath and builds and test Foo.jar.

The problem we face is that in order for this to work, the developer of
Foo has to know Foo's dependencies, as well as component A and component
B's dependencies. These also have to be specified in the build.xml.

After taking a look at some of the various open-source projects
(jakarta-ant, eclipse, etc...) it seems that these projects separate scm
from the actual build. 

I'm hoping someone can offer some insight on this issue. 


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