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From Jacob Rousseau <>
Subject Avoiding Ejb/Jboss tag-warnings using the ant <javadoc> task
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:55:18 GMT
	Hallo everyone,	

	 We have a problem avoiding Javadoc warnings on EJB and JBoss tags using 
the Ant-javadoc task (we are using Ant 1.5.1).
  The ant xml-code looks like this:
  -- snip --
	<target name="javadoc" >
			<tag name="jboss" scope="all" description=" "/>
			<tag name="ejb:home" scope="all" description=" "/>
			<tag name="ejb:bean" scope="all" description=" "/>
             		<tag name="ejb:interface-method" scope="all" description=" "/>

		<delete dir="${build}/docs/api/yards" quiet="true"/>
		<copy todir="${build}/docs/api/yards">
			<fileset dir="${base}/docs/api"/>
Javadoc still gives warnings. For example :

warning - @ejb:interface -method is an unknown tag.
warning - @ejb:persistent-field is an unknown tag.


Could someone please give us a hint what we don't do correctly,

	TIA, Jacob Rousseau

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