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From tek1 <>
Subject Re: displaying project name before target name in output
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 09:12:16 GMT
hi erik.

got it working.  thank you very much again.

have an awesome weekend!  :)

At 14:41 03/01/10 -0500, you wrote:
>On Friday, January 10, 2003, at 02:12  PM, tek1 wrote:
>>when i want to use this new logging class, then am i correct to assume 
>>that upon each ant execution, i need to specify it as follows?
>>         > ant -logger NewLogger <target>
>Yes, you need to specify the logger on every ant invocation, but....
>>if so, is there a way to specify the logger to be used in something 
>>like an file, such that ant can be executed as normal, 
>>without explicity specifying "-logger NewLogger" each time?  if not, no problem.
>set the environment variable ANT_ARGS to be "-logger NewLogger"
>>out of curiosity, have any other people requested the ability to change 
>>the target name lines (i.e. "init: ")?  if so, then a suggestion for a 
>>future feature is to adopt a junit-style syntax (i.e. "%P.%T" which would 
>>print <projectName>.<targetName>; and other %... options) and specify

>>these in a file or something?
>>just an idea.
>Thats an interesting idea.  Actually the format you'd want is 
>MessageFormat-style: "{0}.{1}...".  Patches welcome!  :)
>>thanks again for the great advice to solving my problem!
>My pleasure.  Be sure to bundle your logger in a JAR and put it in 
>ANT_HOME/lib - that will be the best way to ensure its available.
>         Erik
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