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From Sebastien BLANC <>
Subject javac task w/ antcall does release memory ?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 02:32:50 GMT
Hello !

I have a project with hundred of directories with java files and becoz
of J2EE packaging I have to generate on jar for each directory. I
currently launch one javac task per directory not to have to deal with
the jar construction pbs if I did it with less javac task for multiple
subdirectories (having to rebuild the jar by excluding class files that
I don't want to include coz build to the same destination directory).

I did put 1024M for the ant jvm max pool (which I physically have on my
workstation) and still ant JVM runs out of memory in the middle of my
project (meaning reaches the 1024M). when I look at the memory profiler,
the memory pool keeps increasing proportionally after each javac task,
as if ant never released the memory allocated for the previous javac
I have this pb when I launch a recursive build that builds the whole
project - and so launches one javac call per subdirectory.
do I have a wrong setup for this kind of task or is this a mem leak pb ?

for instance I have this top build.xml file compile task:

<target name="main" depends="init">
 <record name="log.txt" action="start"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/tl1adapter" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/event" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/tl1" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/ems" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/gem" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/gm3" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/eclipse" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/proto" target="main"/>
 <ant dir="${thisejb.dir}/dummyNE" target="main"/>
 <record name="log.txt" action="stop"/>

and it fails at the gem directory build. if I launch each ant separately
it works fine.

any idea ? thanx.


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